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Hear Ye, Hear Ye! It's a New Year at CDP, and we only have treats in store for our bibliophilic family! 

Photograph of Jodie Padayachee by Andie Padayachee


Today's Wonder of the World is none other than Jodie Padayachee! For those of you who joined us via TikTok last August, you were a part of something truly miraculous as the launch of Andie Padayachee's Seven Deadly Sins was viewed and loved by people from all over the globe. To our great sadness, the footage of that event was lost to the ether. To our greater joy, this particularly wondrous creative being has decided to further the conversation around their love for art with us right here on our website! I suggest you make your way to the end of this interview. Jodie's "AHA" moment as an artist directs you to the most curious, HILARIOUS piece of art I've seen in a really long time. I hope you enjoy the visuals!
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A Brief Glimpse Into Jodie's Artistic Psyche


What inspired you to bring the Seven Deadly Sins to life visually?
When Andie asked me if I would like to create the artwork for the book, I was already doing a bunch of research on the topic of the Seven Deadly Sins for a school project of mine. At the time, I had a huge fascination with the topic.
One of the things that interested me the most about it was how people reacted to it and how sometimes they had double standards concerning these topics.
I wanted to bring these issues up in my art as a theme to create a platform to discuss how they affect people today, as Andie had done in the book. It just felt like it was destiny the way the whole situation unfolded.
What role does art play in the way you express yourself?
Growing up, I felt like I never really had the opportunity to express myself verbally. One thing I remember hearing my parents say is, "A child should be seen and not heard." 
As I got older, it got harder for me to express how I was feeling or my opinions and thoughts about certain things. At school, I started doing art, and at first it was just a way to relax, but over time I realised I could use it as a tool to express myself as a person.
Nowadays, as much as I’m working on being more verbal, it still helps anchor me and reassure me of my thoughts, feelings, and opinions.
Where do you source your inspiration? 
My inspiration often comes from different places. Most of the time, it comes from whatever topic I’m interested in or whatever mood I’m feeling at the time.
How do you go about finding it when it runs away?
It's funny, I always have the desire to create, no matter what medium I'm working with. It’s more about focusing and pinpointing what I want to create and how. 
So the inspiration is always there, but it’s more about the motivation for me because I struggle a lot with procrastinating.
What do you believe is the work of an artist?
Honestly, whatever the person says it is. Art has such a broad meaning attached to it, so broad that, in the right context, anything can be seen as a work of art.
There’s this artist that changed my perspective on art and what true art really looks like. Piero Manzoni’s "Artist’s Shit"—he just broke all notions of what art meant in my head with this one. This work helped me realise that I don’t have to be particularly good at any type of art to be recognised as an artist.
Follow Jodie on Instagram, order a copy of Seven Deadly Sins, and keep an eager eye out on our page as new and exciting news is coming your way regarding their art! Who knows, you might just see a piece or two in a city near you! 

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