Feature Friday Guest Artist Kutloano Moeketsi

Feature Friday Guest Artist Kutloano Moeketsi Presents 'The Self-Taught Artist'


From Sasta

I met Kutloano's art by chance in the living room of a close friend. I say 'met' because it really was like meeting a familiar soul. Since then I've had this feeling that more people should experience the true heart of his work. I hope it fills your day with beauty the way it has filled my mind since the first day I laid eyes on his magic.  
From the Artist
My name is Kutloano Moeketsi, a self-taught artist from Soweto. Art started as a hobby when I was a young boy, and from high school, art was more like an escape from reality and the challenges the world kept throwing my way.

Whenever I was bored, angry or stressed, I would draw. Drawing became my therapy, and it was never about perfecting the work but rather about the escape. That still stands true today.

Furthering my education, I studied economic management analysis, obtaining my Baccalaureus Technologiae (BTech) from the Tshwane University of Technology (TUT). I the worked as an intern, but after the intern program, I could not find a job. To survive I hustled and gave more attention to my art. I would pay visits to art galleries in Johannesburg, admiring the arts at all levels, and, to my luck, that is where I met professional artists in an art gallery in Newtown. The artists invited me to sit with them after they noticed my interest in the field and offered me advice and tips on how to improve my skills. I was then referred to Maboneng's main street as a catalyst to my starting point in 2016.

A few months later, I had talks with Afrique art gallery to display some of my work. All went well until Afrique moved from Maboneng to a different location. Now, I am currently in talks with restaurants in Braamfontein to display my work at their establishments. I have also started displaying my work at Vardos Place – a B&B in Soweto.

I am still learning – trying to paint on daily basis – to keep improving and working on my craft. When it comes to mediums, I moved from pencil to water paint colours, and now mainly use acrylic paint and canvases of various sizes. I also use oil paints sometimes, but I definitely prefer acrylics!

My paintings are inspired by African culture and African beauty, but clients do commission works from me – where I get a picture from a person asking me to do their personal and/or family portraits.

I still plan to go back to school and further my studies (honours in financial management) with the money I get from selling my art works. I plan on registering a company and in the near future, have my own restaurant that will display and sell art works from both established and up and coming artists.
If you'd like to see more of Kutloano's sensational depiction of the heart of Africa, follow him on Instagram or give him a call. Who knows – you could end up having one of these hanging up in your home quicker than you can hit the LIKE button! 

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