Feature Friday Guest Poet Jaunmarie Rheeder Presents 'Last Love Letter to My Dear Perished Husband'

Image by Nos Nguyen from Pixabay  


Jaunmarie Rheeder

Gouts of sorrow of mine own delicate floweth'r.
Mine own loveth f'r thee is most wondrous,
at the timeth we didst not knoweth of the illness within,
but mine own heart shalt f'rev'r beest with yours,
half to half until completely one.
Mine own dry sorrow shalt showeth,
through mine own gouts of sorrow,
not because i'm s'rrowful,
but because i wanteth to showeth the respect of mine own loveth to thee mine own lief p'rish'd husband.
This shalt beest mine own lasteth loveth lett'r to thee,
did doth paint with mine own v'ry lasteth gouts of sorrow,
did doth cause by the loveth a bond,
yond hath't anon been broken in reality, but nev'r in soul.  
About the Author:
Jaunmarie Rheeder is a 19-year-old writer from South Africa. She has a particular love for writing because, as she details it, it is a creative way of showing emotions. She is also fascinated with Shakespeare and his manner of expression. Jaunmarie hopes to one day become a romance novelist. 
If you'd like to read more about Jaunmarie and her journey through poetry and storytelling, follow her on Instagram, or read her contributions featured in our 2021 anthologies, All Shook Up and Letting in the Light, today!

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