Feature Friday Guest Poet Khanimamba Ndhambi presents 'The Final Lesson'


My son
Like the rays at dawn
You have brought warmth
To this cold and unforgiving world
You have made my life worth living
My soul rejoices as I lie on the concrete
Wetting this pavement
With a new colour of red and urban gray
It is hard to say
When I will lay my eyes
On you again
So I pray
That these words in my soul
Reach you
A desperate attempt
From a man who is slowly fading
From this world
As this bullet wound pains me
I find comfort in knowing
That we have raised you
The best way we could
I am so filled with pride, knowing
That this blood that spills
From my cold body
Now runs in your veins
Royalty runs through you
Long live the king
Remember what we have taught you
Your hair is a crown
No comb can dare tame
Your broad shoulders
Now carry the memories
Of your ancestors in your name
I shall be adding to the weight
Wear your skin
As if sown from the finest silk
For the melanin within you
Is more valuable than crude oil
Do not inherit my pain
But my wisdom passed down to me
That traces back to the time
When we were not known as black
Treat your queen
With the respect that she demands
Do not let this world break you
And leave her with no choice
But to pick up your pieces
The world will hate you
For your greatness
Remember to love them still
No matter how much they wrong you
Greet them with open hands
Instead of closed fists
Embrace them and call them brother
For that is how you destroy your enemies
My son
Do not cry when you learn
I am no more
For I will forever be with you
Be the change the world needs
For the day will come
Where the seeds we have sown
Will finally blossom
Into true equality and justice for all

From the Author:

I am a South African currently living in Pretoria.
I am a poet, a writer, and a spoken-word artist under the stage name
"Yasuke of the Ink Islands".
I started writing poetry when I was in high school.
Back then, love poems inspired me.
As I matured, I drew inspiration from history, philosophy, culture
and the universe we live in.
I am co-admin of the "Virtual Poetry Reading" platform,
An online global open mic platform
That has greatly improved my writing and performance skills.
Khani has contributed to several literary organisations, including having a poem titled 'The Sparrow's Funeral' featured in 'All Shook Up' a global poetry and art anthology curated by Chasing Dreams Publishing earlier this year.
If you'd like to support Khani's creative journey, follow him via the Virtual Poetry Reading platform or via his YouTube channel today!

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  • Ooooh Khani, how I wish you’d write letters for daughters too because this is definitely it!! Fire emojis Sir!


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