Feature Friday Guest Poet Peace Okunola Presents 'ỌYA'


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Peace Okunola

Mother of Nine,
We greet you.
We celebrate your bravery
When we see you swelling
With your untamed anger
Over the great waters of river Niger.

Death made you great
When your tentacles of chaos
Settle their roots in our hearts—
You killed eternity in his sleep
And out of his frozen corpse
Came the spirit of life and death.

We dance under the moon
And swirl to your forest songs
As the carpets of golden leaves
Are illuminated by the bonfires–
The maiden beads of silver color
That adorn our shapely hips
Sing like the Shẹ̀kẹ̀rẹ̀
When we shake our waist
To your favorite warrior song.

We sing your warrior song
And the cedars and thick boughs
Shake their waist to your deadly shroud—
When we see the crumbling shadows,
We remember your fiery rage
That is always silent and deadly.

We have made your favorite—
Àkàrà soaked in red oil.
Give us a taste of the intense feelings
That make you the unbeatable warrior
Who made the storms her home,
And appear like wisps in a gust of wind.

Ọya — Goddess of Life and Death.
Shẹ̀kẹ̀rẹ̀ — A West African percussion instrument.
Àkàrà — Bean cakes.

© Peace Okunola

About the Author:

Peace Okunola is a Nigerian-born and based writer. He enjoys writing as a profession as well as a hobby. He also loves music, reading and traveling.
His favorite pet is a cat. He has great respect for humanity and loves to write about life and her beauties. When he is not reading or writing, he can be seen sketching in his favorite sketchbook.

Peace was introduced to the Chasing Dreams Family with his poetic contribution to Letting in the Light: A Mental Wellness Anthology which was brought to readers across the globe with great thanks to a meaningful literary partnership with South Africa-based poetry society, Pick Me Up Poetry.
If you'd like to support Peace's creative endeavours, please follow him via his social media platforms or by visiting his website today.

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  • Ode to oya ; the mother of nine
    We greet you .

    A wonderful piece

    Boluwatife Emmanuel

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