Feature Friday Guest Poet Sphelele Nkabinde Presents 'Elephant In The Room'

Photograph of Sphelele Nkabinde


Elephant In The Room

Sphelele Nkabinde

Love doesn’t depend on time
It is an object dependent on two people talking to each other’s hearts.
Independent of status, place or race,
It is the inevitable reason for our being.

I don’t want to write about Love like she doesn’t exist.
She creeps up between our legs while we are standing in a queue for a slice of freedom,
Smiles at us in between sweats and struggles and wars,
Is the reason why people commit crime.
It was never about the money but the love thereof.
Money buys us happiness, and the best part about her is that her worth is the same to all of us.
You can try to buy her for the night, but she always leaves in the morning for something more natural and free.

Love is in between our texts and our laughs,
The reason I even care to ask, “How are you?” and, “How was your day?”
It is the comforting pat on your back after you’ve had a long day, and you don’t want to talk, but some coffee and scones under a blanket would be nice — that is how warm she is.
I hate to like that she is the reason I leave work on time
Rushing to meet her where I last saw her — at our home, making breakfast, planning her day.
She is the invisible space between us.

It — Love — is the reason for this poem.
Without her, poets wouldn’t exist and neither would RnB and maybe even us.
You’ll smell her in my hugs and efforts to make you smile.
You’ll hear her in my calls and the way I say your name.
She is the tears we share when one of us is hurting.

Love is stupid because it doesn’t depend on looks, money or fame.
As soon as she winks at you, the game is over — you also become stupid.

Love is beautiful and incredible
Just know that you deserve to experience her too.


About the Author:

Samukelisiwe Sphelele Nkabinde is a South African woman of many talents. Sam is the author of Saartjie’s Survivors published March 10th of 2020, an avid writer and a regular feature in local short films and theatre as both cast and crew. She has contributed to the second volume of an anthology titled “Letters to Our Sons” and has been seen opening for acts such as Mandi Vundla, Siphokazi Jonas and Sabelo Soko. Her poetic contributions have also appeared in two anthologies curated by Chasing Dreams Publishing this year: Letting in the Light: A Mental Wellness Anthology and All Shook Up: A Global Anthology. Follow Sphelele's artistic journey on Instagram today!

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