Feature Friday Guest Poet Sumarie Nel Presents 'Masked Man of Darkness'

Sumarie Nel
Photograph of Sumarie Nel

Masked Man of Darkness

Sumarie Nel

Swaying on the floor with the masked man of darkness,
He is the demon I face that bears no light.
Dark and lonely he is, taking me further through solitude.
In all the depths of my soul I want to be free,
Free from his lonely embrace.
A creation of my mind,
He is the lonesome part of me that comes to life when no one is looking.
In his arms I am,
And the feeling of cold caresses me.
Through the lonely we grow,
And through solitude we dance,
The dance of complete emptiness.
And my masked man of darkness.

About the Author:

Sumarie is an author and a poet from South Africa. She immerses herself in social media marketing and freelance journalism. Her artistic career began shortly after a traumatic event occurred as a way of stepping out of reality and working towards a brand new life.

Trying to do everything under the sun, she started writing TapTales on a story app. Not long after that, she revamped them into novels and took them to Wattpad as a community writer where she won four awards in the Supernatural/Horror categories.

Sumarie started writing poetry and dark poetry as a method of expressing her pain and battle with depression to the world, working towards creating awareness about the reality of the battle.

She soon moved to TikTok where she was and is able to express her creative and optimistic side. She strives to put smiles on people's faces wherever she goes and indulges her audience with entertaining fictional stories and with the hope of making it into script writing in the future.

"No dream can ever be too big!"

If you'd like to support Sumarie's creative journey, follow her on Instagram, via her Facebook page and on TikTok today!


  • Proud mom!!😘😘

    Levina de Kock
  • Proud mom!!😘😘

    Levina de Kock

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