Feature Friday Guest Poet Tanja Bulovic Presents 'My Grandfather'

Baby girl on a swing
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Tanja Bulovic

My grandfather
(who was not my real grandfather)
took me to the park every Sunday.
On our way there
we would stop at the shop
and get some sweets.
Peppermint, chewing gum, toffee.
My grandfather
(who was not my real grandfather)
would put them in his big pockets
and give them to the kids at the park,
then ask them politely if I could
take a long turn on the swings.
All the children knew him.
“It’s grandpa!” they would shout
when they saw us.
I would swing
for what seemed like hours,
touching the sky, touching the ground,
touching the sky, touching the ground,
touching the sky, touching the ground,
looking at the children eating sweets
and at my grandfather.
About the Author
Tanja Bulovic is a poet and translator from Serbia living in South Africa. She writes in English and Serbian and has been published in both languages. Her poem Six Feet Under appears in Letting In The Light: a global mental wellness anthology. Her favourite authors are Charles Bukowski and John Irving. Her inspiration comes from everywhere – it could be as big as losing someone or as small as a beautiful word. She loves African storms, strong coffee, science fiction, and cats.

From the Author

“My children tell me they are proud of me.”

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