Feature Friday Guest Poet Tanja Bulovic Presents 'AFRICA'



Tanja Bulovic


You, with your

Violent temper.

You, with your

Violent skies.


I, your

Adopted daughter,

Wake up and I

Stretch my legs

Through your waters,

Slide my hands

Down your mountains

Arch my back

Over cities,

Trying to embrace

All of you.



From the Author:

"There is a lovely story behind it – in 2012 I went to my first Oppikoppi and saw their Wall of Words. It is a giant scaffolding with local poetry, right next to the stage. I thought how wonderful it would be if one of my poems were to be on the Wall one day. The following year I submitted my poem and it was chosen! I went to Oppikoppi with my kids, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw it. My son would approach people who were reading it and tell them his mom wrote it. If they didn't believe him, he would take his ID book out and show them we have the same surname. He told me he was proud of me, and that meant more than any accolades.

I have attached the picture of the Wall – can you see me at the bottom of it?
I might be small, but my words are big. Literally :) "

This photograph was taken by Tanja's son, Aleksandar Bulovic. 

Tanja was introduced to the Chasing Dreams Family with her heartfelt contribution to Letting in the Light: A Mental Wellness Anthology which was brought to readers across the globe with great thanks to a meaningful literary partnership with South Africa-based poetry society, Pick Me Up Poetry.

If you'd like to support Tanja's creative endeavours, please follow her on Facebook or Instagram and share this post with anyone you feel could use a pick-me-up this Friday!


  • There’s so much meaning in this poem.
    I’m wowed!

    Peace Okunola
  • Thank you, Sylvester. This means so much to me!

    Tanja Bulovic
  • I remember the Wall of Words. More specifically, I remember seeing your poem in 2013, Tanja. It is just as striking now as it was then. Thank you for sharing this!


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