Feature Friday Guest Poet Thabang 'Teebs' Maahlo Presents 'Sometimes Coffee Is You'

Thabang Maahlo
Photograph of Thabang by A Man And A Lens


There are days when I'm so dark
You smell the nihilism through my packaging
There are times when my words have hints of caramel
But should be taken with a pinch of sea salt
There are moments when my responses are sour
And you can smell my bitter zest at the breakfast table.

And sometimes I boil water so often
That I lose interest in my coffee
As if that's my body's way of telling me
"You're already on edge, you don't need more stimulants"
As if the kettle is filled with my insecurities
And with every click one of them evaporates.

Sometimes my coffee is cold by the second sip
Like the first sip was a warning shot
Fired through my tastebuds to my heart

Sometimes I wake up sullen
And my words bear the after taste of my cup
Violently poured, dark with bitter undertones.

Sometimes I stare into my cup
Watching the coffee crystals dissolve
Hoping that my anxiety would do the same.
But I know just like the cup, I am forever stained.

About the Author:

Thabang 'Teebs' Maahlo is an eclectic creature of experience.

Sourcing inspiration from the idiosyncrasies of life, a cynical romantic, he is not only an enigma to us but to himself as well. Optimistically pessimistic, he is a walking paradox. This trickles down into his writing, which varies from contrasting mental seclusion to treasuring intriguing experiences with unco persons, and much like a method actor, he dives into every experience sometimes to the point of disbelief.

A student in the philosophy of thought, he has been dubbed "The black sheep of the black sheep" for his deep dives into both the cruel realities and fantasies of the human existence. Sometimes dark although mostly playful, his writing seems to conjure up imagery of every interaction he has.

A problem solver by day and a nomadic adventure-seeker all the time in true African culture, he regularly has some story to tell and enjoys sharing them on stage.

Thabang is the resident Master of Ceremonies at Chasing Dreams Publishing and has contributed to several poetry-driven events in the Gauteng region. As a team, we love and appreciate the role he has played supporting the dreams of fellow poets and artists with his ever-flowing wisdom and wit.
If you'd like to support Thabang's creative endeavours, follow him on Instagram today!

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