Feature Friday Resident Poet Sasta Kuppan Presents 'Demons'

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Sasta Kuppan

We've been balancing "I Love You's" on quivering lips
I stand fragile before you
As insecurities leave wet footprints in the hollows of my cheeks
You say unknowing makes you feel weak
So I reach into your fears
With hands full of promise
And meet you in your uncertainty
We weave dreams on the tips of trembling fingers
Every time we touch skin
You let me in
Fear seeking refuge in the breaths between laughs
Shards of your shackles glisten in stolen smiles
And when the weight of this withering world gets too much
We lay here for a while
I feel your heart break in the small of my back
When disagreement forces space between us
I know most times words fail us
And the idea of losing this fills the room so often
We make it impossible to breathe
But if we could bet love and borrow time
Bartering dreams in the weight of our insecurity
Hang hope on the walls of possibility
And pray to God it sticks
Maybe we survive this
But if the house burns
Let it burn
And we'll dance
Unmasking these shadows
Loving them naked
Pulling back the veil of unfulfilled promises
And wounds that swear on you
They look better unfastened
We'll dance
Except for each other.
Show me your demons
We all need healing
Show me the parts
That you never loved
I promise I'll fix them


Show me your demons
At least let me meet them
I know that your hearts been broken apart
But fear is misleading
Trust me, I'll heal them
Won't you love again?
Lyrics re-adapted from Demons by Tats Nkonzo

From the Author:

To the readers, writers and literary enthusiasts:

Chasing Dreams has grown in leaps and bounds since we first began oh so many years ago. The momentum has built, the family has expanded and the literature keeps getting better and better. We are thankful beyond the capabilities of words for the way in which you continue to show up for the arts. You keep us grounded and simultaneously shooting for the stars. Africa is home, but the world is family, and none of it would be possible without all of you.

To many more years of the propulsion of poetry!

Explore a little of Sasta's creative journey via her Linktr.ee portal today :)

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