Dinner Date

Image of Sasta captured by A Man and a Lens
Love is always dressed in its Sunday best,
Seated ceremoniously at a communal table
Presenting its lap with arms outstretched
Never tiring of giving more than it will ever hold.

Love is often found soaking serviettes in yesterday's leftover laughter,
Spreading smiles unapologetically across shared memories
Serving generously from open hands
Ready to be consumed.

It is a table laid with cups overflowing with possibility
Where there is no maximum headcount and no reservations are necessary,
Where the little card that holds your place
Waits wide-eyed and excitedly for you to come inside
So you can hear it say:

"No matter who you were yesterday,
Tomorrow will still be a wonder,
But today's the day you showed up for Love;
You are present,
You are able,
And there will always be a place for you at this table." 

Love serves and love feeds and love grows.
Dinner Date was first featured by The Raintree Guesthouse

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