Making Time for Inspiration in 2021

A stuffed toy lamb rests on an open book, a cozy blanket beneath him. In the background is a clock - he's making time for inspiration!
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Making Time for Inspiration

For many, inspiration is considered to be a capricious house guest, showing up whenever it wants, and often missing scheduled visits. Creatives especially tend to bow to the whims of their muses, treating inspiration like a high-maintenance diva they dare not offend! 

In recent years, this has started to shift as people realise it’s something they need to make time to create, but in a busy world carving out the time for inspiration can be daunting.

During January, we’ll be exploring ways to make time for inspiration, including setting up an inspirational space and goals for the rest of 2021 that will keep you motivated.

This week, we chat to Chasing Dreams Publishing’s team about how they make time for inspiration – both in their writing and in day-to-day activities.

What inspires you daily?

Nicolette – I know it’s cliché, but I find inspiration in just about everything. I try to focus on the little things in present moments, mostly because that’s what I experience daily.

Sasta – Research, encounters, immersing myself in a topic.

Sumarie – As Sasta said, researching and encounters. And then also something that generally inspires me is where I see myself going in the future. I like having goals that I can focus on reaching.

How do you generate inspiration for writing?

Nicolette – Since writing is my bread and butter, there’s no time to wait for inspiration! I setup writing sprints with my writer’s group or force myself to write a single sentence. If I’m really struggling on the computer, I switch to pen and paper. There’ve been times I’ve literally written “blah blah blah” just to get rid of that intimidating blank page!

Sasta - My inspiration kind of comes in unsolicited waves! If I'm looking to invoke emotion, I tend to read contemporary poetry or look for writing prompts and allow them to lead me.

Sumarie - My inspiration mostly comes from music, so I always make time to listen to my favourite playlists. Ideas will almost always pop up, unless I'm in a kind of bad space, then I read instead. Inspiration can be drawn from anything, and this is what keeps me up and inspired!

Share an image that inspires you and why?

 A leaf-strewn path winds through a beautiful autumn forest, the end lost in mist.

Image from Valiphotos on Pixabay

Nicolette – I love hiking and being out in nature, but I’m also innately curious about everything. So finding out what’s around the bend in a forest path sparks as much interest as discovering what makes people tick. It’s all about the adventure of discovery!

A fantasy image in black and white of a woman born from trees.

Image from Stefan Keller on Pixabay

Sasta – This inspires me because it emphasises how we can sometimes be consumed by our darkness, but this can also be where true growth stems from.

 A beautiful angled shot of the Eiffel Tower with the sunset behind it shading the whole picture in tones of pink and purple

Image from nextvoyage on Pixabay

Sumarie - I love France, and the Eiffel Tower is a place I dream of visiting. Plus it's the city of love – Paris!

As we enter 2021 and start setting ourselves up for a successful, inspired year, let us know where you make time to create inspiration. 

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