Chasing Dreams

  • The Pursuit of Passion

      Image by Klimkin from Pixabay  Passion. Energy, motivation, happiness. The fuel and the fire, the ego death and its resurrection, that feeling o...
  • Motivation is a Muscle

    Image by Markus Winkler from Pexels The muse. The stimulus. The spark. All these are synonyms for that tumbleweed barrelling through the dark corn...
  • Finding Your INspiration Space

    Since inspiration is such an essential part of being a creative being, when we can’t find it in our surroundings, we need to be able to go to a space within us that sparks excitement and joie de vivre.
  • Making Time for Inspiration in 2021

    During January, we’ll be exploring ways to make time for inspiration, including setting up an inspirational space and goals for the rest of 2021 that will keep you motivated.