The Pursuit of Passion


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Energy, motivation, happiness. The fuel and the fire, the ego death and its resurrection, that feeling of finally being alive — yes. PASSION.

Passion is a strong and barely controllable emotion, a state of mind and an action somehow existing in the same moment. Passion drives and destroys, builds and unearths, lives and is lived, but Passion often gets a bad rap for being unrealistic, unattainable or unmanageable — why is that?

Often when we are young, we are afforded the luxury of looking at the world with childlike wonder, not paying any mind to the consequences or responsibilities of our dreams, the obstacles that make their way onto our path, and the resources we so obviously need to see them realized — no. We dare to dream of an ideal version of ourselves and our lives, and speak about it with such confidence that the older folk coo at our enthusiasm and let us bask in the simple joys of being young.

Sadly, time replaces wonder with wisdom, and when faced with the dilemma of Passion or paycheque, we often choose the latter. There is a great majority that sees the pursuit of Passion as something only creatives and those with minimal responsibilities can afford. The truth is Passion can empower those who find it and cripple those who haven’t quite figured it out yet. The balance in between is where we find those age-old questions about responsible decisions and what makes for a happy, fulfilling life.


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Joy vs. Practicality

Joy, we think, often rivals practicality. A fast-paced metropolitan society leads us to believe that the joy-bringing activities we partake in often fall so far out of our scheduled lives that we cannot intentionally make room for them because then there wouldn’t be any time for all the other soul-draining tasks we have to see fulfilled by the end of our 25-hour day.

If you find yourself getting excited about cleaning the house  as completely devoid of Passion as it may seem to onlookers  this could be just the spark that wakes you up in the morning. And, no, not the kind that makes you hit snooze six times before you flop your uninspired meatsuit out of bed and head straight for the coffee pot searching for some bleak emulation of meaning in your life. No. Your true joy could be cultivating a neat environment that is well lit and beautifully decorated; a comfortable space which you and your family look forward to spending time in that always smells like freshly baked croissants courtesy of that nifty subscription you bought to Diffuser Oil Monthly. Just making the house a home. Simple things like this seemingly mundane task can encompass joy, enthusiasm, and great reward.

Passion is not only a gift given to the young, unemployed, or daring. It is a realization of our natural talents and a desire to add more value to the time we spend on this planet. Passion can be found in the workplace, in the smile of your new-born, in the arms of a new lover and especially when there’s mileage between you. Passion can be practiced or clumsily fall into your lap at any sudden movements. When the Passion Bug bites, sleep is a suggestion and the traditional constructs of time seem to dissipate leaving us to our excitement, new possibilities, and change.


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Image by Endri Yana Yana from Pixabay 

So how do we channel Passion into something worth living for?

Now, before you go ahead and quit your day job, there are a few things you should take into consideration: not all Passions fit into the criterion of profitable life decisions and not every person wants them to.

On the downside, the greater society at large, if comfortably employed, will bank on a paycheque rather than pursuing their passion. Why? Because sometimes fear creeps in, so does self-doubt and those of others, not to mention inadequate research sways the discovery of all likelihood of a Passion-project turning profitable. On the upside, some people actually do enjoy their jobs. Some folks have a healthy enough relationship with the position their work holds and the time they actively carve out to spend on their hobbies, that the balance of lifestyle security and the stuff that feeds their souls does not need to be disrupted. Each life experience is as unique as they come, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to happiness. My advice when it comes to the cons?

  1. Hone your skills
  2. Drown out the haters
  3. Google, Google, and Google again — for the sake of this motivation, you can never have too much information!

With the rise of readily available research and endless product and experience reviewers in the world, there are more than many opportunities for you to weigh out the pros and the cons of what you’re passionate about in order to make a well thought out, calculated decision.

But once you find yourself moseying down the road of interminable joy and possibility, don’t’ expect the road to be without a few bumps. When we climb higher up the ladder of our true purpose, the obstacles we face are prevalent and unavoidable. Without letting it weigh us down, these are the milestones that shape us and bring us closer and closer to living.

If you want to make a career of it, seek council in the people whose opinions you trust but most of all, trust your gut and diligently observe whether what you choose to pursue aligns with your purpose and your expectations of the life you want to live. Do the research and take the leap — no one is worth investing in more than you!

Image by Breakingpic from Pexels 

Join us this month as we explore our zest for life!

Passion has this way of living inside us, growing restlessly. It allows time to pass us by without our eyes desperately waiting for the hour to turn. We forget to eat, we often lose sleep, and we effortlessly find ourselves in a state of flow. There is much to say about the high highs and eyebrow-raisers of pursuing one’s Passion, but I can tell you that a few things are for certain: as Inspiration finds you and Passion leads you, you get a front row seat to watch a new version of yourself unfold — him, her or them conquering his, her, or their fears and living your most authentic life.

Living in authenticity draws you to the right kind of people, experiences and opportunities that align with your hopes and help mould your Passion into a life. In remembering what moves you and tracing your Passion back to phases of your life where you can hear it call to you beyond the noise of the everyday, you’re likely to come across a deep interconnectedness throughout these moments, and you’ll find yourself speaking with more gusto and confidence, excitement and eagerness to expand. If this is how you feel, then this is exactly where you need to be. Reality accounted for. This is where you need to be.

So, dear Dreamer, what makes you tick?


"There is no passion to be found playing small—in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living."
—Nelson Mandela


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