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What began as a method to win girls over has become a passion. Eleven years later, still single (he really tried), Dali's writing has touched many - winning international writing competitions (but not any girl's heart). He's had the privilege of performing on multiple stages, including TV, radio, theatre, podcasts, and of course, in front of his mother.

He's proud to present you with Bubbles, a collection that takes an in-depth look into the author's wounds, heart and soul.


“Manhood has many layers. Even rocky foundations sometimes allow flowers to bloom. This is one of them.

Manhood, mental health and Myles. A humorous approach to modern day issues through the eyes of love and loss imbued in pop-culture references and sheer honesty.

This melodic telling of Dali's story will reawaken your heart and give you reasons to giggle (or gasp).”

- Sasta Kuppan


“A rare dive into our own insecurities.”

 - Eric Fernandes


“Explores all facets of life in a deeply emotional and humorous way.”

- Brittany Kaitlin Kotze


Book Details

Author: Dali Myles Luthuli

Genre: Poetry

No. of Pages: ~80

Published: March 2020

Series: Standalone poetry collection.

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