The Truth About Clicking Send and Receive

The Truth About Clicking Send and Receive

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The Truth About Clicking Send and Receive: A Romance Writer’s Email Adventures (The Truth About Series Book 1)

“It’s great to see a chick lit book set in South Africa, with cultural references we can relate to.” Cosmopolitan

Wrapped up in the dreamy world of romance fiction and flushed with the heady heat of a tropical Durban summer, Angie Wilson is having a hard time separating fantasy from reality. Struggling to choose between a hopeless crush on her gorgeous trust fund manager and a blossoming cyber affair with an enigmatic writer, Angie turns to her zany new friends for advice on love and life. But what does she really want?

A light-hearted romantic comedy.

This book was previously published by Oshun as Send and Receive.


Author: Alissa Baxter

Genre: Chick Lit.

No. of Pages: 367

Published: 2018

Series: The Truth About Series Book 1

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